sábado, enero 27, 2007

Cortos de animación 2007

Aprovechando que ya tenemos lista de nominados a los Oscars, aquí están los nominados a la categoría de Cortos de Animación:

El comentario experto lo pone Cartoonbrew:

An interesting list. Pixar, Blue Sky and Disney, plus an NFB short and one Hungarian independent film. The big surprise was that Joanna Quinn's award winning film (Dreams and Desires), didn't make the cut and that three big studio produced shorts did. Is this the beginning of another trend? Two things grab Academy voters (and technique is not one of them): Laughter and Heart. LIFTED, MAESTRO and NO TIME FOR NUTS (all CG) got big laughs at the Academy screening; THE DANISH POET and LITTLE MATCH GIRL (both hand drawn) had heart. I can't begin to predict what the full membership will select, but it was a strong year in this catagory.

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